I just wanted to pass along to you how great you guys are.  In the midst of taking care of twin toddlers and the chaos of Christmastime, my husband and I completely forgot about leaving our trash out for pick up this morning.  Your truck in route (at my neighbor’s house) not only noticed that we didn’t have trash out, but was proactive and caring enough to actually call me and ask if we had trash that needed to be collected.  He asked where the garbage cans were and then offered to go get the cans in my driveway and empty them for us.  

Your company is a great testament to the fact that good customer service does still exist and that some companies do still care about their clients and are willing to go above and beyond.  Thank you so much for being so proactive and doing such a great job each week. Should you ever need a name for referral or reference, please feel free to use my name.Thank you and Merry Christmas,

 — Kelly C., New Boston, NH


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your company for the exemplary service we’ve received over the last many months, most particularly yesterday.  We have moved…[and] yesterday I left an unusual amount of trash at the end of the…driveway, praying that you would take at least half of what was out there.  When I returned in the afternoon, every single bag, every single piece of cardboard was gone AND the lids were replaced on my garbage cans!  The gentleman who picked up the trash was always pleasant – extremely so actually.  He addressed me kindly every Monday and sincerely wished me well.  In this day and age, good customer service is rare but your company exemplifies it.  We will absolutely recommend your company and will absolutely hire your company should we purchase property in Milford.

 Once again, thank you so very much.  You have no idea how much your service has lightened our moving experience!

                                                                                                                         — Jane & Gil, formerly of Badger Hill Road, Milford, NH


“I am very happy with the service and customer care of H2O Waste Disposal Services. I find their level of quality high, their cost is quite reasonable and I enjoy the fact they are willing to drive up my driveway to pick up the trash. ???? They recycle which is also great!  I am able to correspond with them via email when I choose to which is another plus.”  

                                                                          — Nancy L., Wilton, NH


“My fiancée’ and I live in Milford and called H20 Waste Disposal to begin our home trash removal service back in October 2007.  

They have been nothing but timely, efficient and courteous every week.   One week in particular, I forgot to put the trash out and I heard the truck outside (actually waiting patiently for us) and I scrambled to get it all together and the driver even helped me!

Their invoices are easy to understand and are billed quarterly, which is nicer than having to remember paying it every month.   Ryan is very helpful whenever we have questions such as what we can dispose of properly, billing or payment questions, etc.

I highly recommend their services.”

— Tammy G., Milford, NH


Recycling Has Resumed

We are happy to announce that our Recycling Program has now resumed. We are now accepting recycling. YIPPEE !!!

(2) 13-gallon bags of Bottle, cans, plastic can be mixed together

(1) 13-gallon bag of paper

20 pieces of corrugated cardboard

All recycling must be clean

Bag Limit is (12) 13-gallon bags of trash

If you have more bags or a special item you will need to call the office to set up.

Download Recycling Schedule