H20 Policies

Everyone loves Trash Day!!

1) All trash must be put into 13 Gallon kitchen bags and securely tied. No more than 35 pound weight.
2) Please be sure barrels are free of loose trash. (Loose trash will not be taken)
3) It is the responsibility of our customers to have their trash out no later than 7am. IMPORTANT Please avoid the $15.00 return charge.
4) If you use barrels they must have secure fitting lids to avoid water logged trash and maggots.
5) No hazardous material can be put in trash (paint can, fluids that ignite, Anti-freeze, Pathological or Radioactive waste, Pesticides etc.) NO NEEDLES!
6) If you have anything other than your 12 13 gallon household trash that you want picked up you will need to call the office to let H2O know so they can prepare to give a work order to the driver.

****Charges could apply. Examples: TV, Mattress, A/C, wood, (Yard waste $3.00 per bag)

We love that you recycle.

Remember not everything is recyclable!

All recycling must be rinsed clean, and bagged up

Bottle cans and plastic in one bag, Paper in another bag, Cardboard must be flatten (20 piece per stop)

Glass okay

Cans (aluminum, steel & tin) are recyclables
****Not recyclable are> Aerosol, Aluminum foil & food trays

Plastics with an opening smaller than the body with caps remove. (Milk jugs, Detergent, soda bottles) are recyclables
****Not recyclable are> all the caps remove please.

Corrugated Cardboard must be flatten & 20 piece per stop.
****Not Recyclable are > Pizza boxes etc.

Paper is recyclable
**** Not recyclable are> blueprints, carbon paper, foil, foil-lined, carbonless form, Mylar, plastic coated, laminated, self-sealing envelopes, soiled tissues, napkins, food containers, Tyvek, wax coated

H2O brings all the recycling back to its Granite State Recycling Center in Weare, NH and it is hand processed. WE ARE DOING OUR PART TO HELP SAVE OUR PLANET

H2O Holiday Schedule/ Closures:

Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years

***When we are closed for a H2O holiday your trash will be pushed out a day***
this also applies to inclement weather, Breakdowns, emergencies.

Unfortunately we have to avoid untreated driveway for the safety of our drivers no exceptions.

Watch for our Bulletins/Updates: We posted them on our website www.byebyedump.com, Facebook, Phone service

We always say we have the best customer!


Recycling Has Resumed

We are happy to announce that our Recycling Program has now resumed. We are now accepting recycling. YIPPEE !!!

(2) 13-gallon bags of Bottle, cans, plastic can be mixed together

(1) 13-gallon bag of paper

20 pieces of corrugated cardboard

All recycling must be clean

Bag Limit is (12) 13-gallon bags of trash

If you have more bags or a special item you will need to call the office to set up.

Download Recycling Schedule